Van Slyck Matteson’s multi-media art speaks of her love for wild spaces and deep connection to the Pacific Northwest. An accomplished sculptor, she allows her finely-honed intuition to guide spontaneous sculpting of natural world observations. Van Slyck Matteson’s work also utilizes technical mold-making skills to create exact replicas of found botanical forms. She combines these skills to create magical-realist sculptures. 

After receiving a BFA in Textiles from the California College of Art in San Francisco, she began her varied art career in Costume Design. Since then, her pursuit of fine art education has been relentless. Having won several merit scholarships, Van Slyck Matteson studied glass, print making, and metal working at the Pratt Fine Art Center, and figure sculpting in the Sculpture Atelier at Gage Academy. In 2018 and 2019, she studied at Pilchuck Glass School in Stanwood, Washington.

Van Slyck Matteson exhibits her work in galleries and museums across the US. Van Slyck Matteson’s unique sculptures have been recognized by a Collector’s Choice Award at Habatat Gallery’s International Glass Exhibit and Juror’s Choice Awards at Mesa Contemporary Art Museum, the Schack Art Center, and at Pratt Fine Art Center’s annual auction. Currently, her work is on view at the Museum of Glass in Tacoma, WA, as part of the Connections 2022 exhibition of international glass artists.

Glass Art Magazine published a feature article about Van Slyck Matteson in March 2023 and 2021.  Flow Magazine included her in their 16th and 17th Annual International Gallery of Women in Glass, winter 2020 and 2021 issue. The international podcast, Talking Out Your Glass, interviewed Van Slyck Matteson in 2021.

Van Slyck Matteson has had the honor of working as an assistant instructor at the Corning Museum of Glass, in New York and Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle.

Crista Van Slyck Matteson is represented by Duncan McClellan Gallery in Florida, and The Museum of Glass in Washington.

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